Thanks to all the amazing people in my life male and female that have helped me live the 'life' I lead and do the things I have done, especially my family who have supported me in so many ways, my great friend Dave Manby for his confidence to employ a very young wide eyed female as his safety kayaker for his business in Eastern Turkey in 2000, that opportunity has given me the confidence to do so many things in life. Great things have been done to get women to this point in the short time of human history and we should take time to celebrate that, in surfing the women now have equal prize money something other sports should be rightly ashamed of not equaling! There are too many women who work and play in the outdoors that inspire me to start naming them, I hope like we all do that in some small way I have helped others on their journey in life and I continue to enjoy and get great satisfaction from doing that with my small coaching business.

Once we have had our day of 'celebration' lets get back to work as we're only part of the way. 

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The things people say!

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