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So trying to ‘take it easy’ as my thumb was still recovering from the operation and also knowing I was in the early stages of pregnancy was quite hard, being self employed I had to get back to work running my MTB coaching company. I was also in the process of building a new Skills Area down in South Wales to run my coaching from at Afan Lodge right in the middle of the Afan Forest Park trail network which was also within riding distance from our new house too. Nothing like getting all the stressful stuff in at once!

I roped in Tom from up in North Wales to help with the manual work. We had Rich (owner of the Lodge) and Wyn his farther in law on the machines to build the trail features for me while the boy's also did most of the lugging about too.

I still felt OK at this stage and was able to keep working quite hard so it was more of me limiting myself rather than the pregnancy limiting me.

However I got Tom to test a lot of the bigger features just in case!

It was good to be building new bits of trail and getting to ride them too though.

A good couple of week with lots achieved!


4 Jan 2015


So this was the week I had my first scan and was medically confirmed to be pregnant!

Kind of an emotional roller coaster, excitement coupled with the thoughts of what about biking, surfing and kayaking? Selfish I know but I have spent so many years doing theses things they are really special to me and I have met such a fantastic bunch of friends from all over the World that I really don’t want to lose that. I told Jen (my sister) the next week and it was really good to tell someone else who was close other than Bob so I could have a chat about it all. Much excitement and confusion!


4 Jan 2015


Last year while training with my sister (Jen) for a Downhill MTB race in Llangollen I crashed in to her and tore my ligament in my thumb and also dislocated it. A ‘whizz’ down to the A&E and the damage was confirmed.

Returning with a cast on I was determined to compete in the race so with a few modifications to the cast by Bob I was able to ride my bike again, I was still in quite a bit of pain but it was still better than watching from the sidelines.

In the end I raced OK and managed to even come 2nd in the race!

So I was on the list for an operation however being self employed made having it repaired it in the summer really hard and so my operation was booked for Feb 2014. I had a feeling I might be pregnant by now and so opted for a local anaesthetic which would not cause any harm to the baby and also I could watch the operation too! 


In early 2014 we headed out to the French Alps (Morzine) for a boarding trip with some good friends without knowing that I was pregnant hence the 70% rule did not apply and so I was quiet happily pushing my boarding skills a bit with a few bigger drops, double drops and jumps.

It was hard to resist a session on the airbag too!

We had an awesome week and even got a few sweet powder days in too!

I was feeling great all week oblivious to the fact that I was in the real early staged of pregnancy. A couple of people on the trip had also worked out there for a couple of season and took us on some awesome hike in runs.

Another couple on the trip (Lyndsay & Blev) has just had a baby in Nov and were ‘tag teaming’ getting half a day each on the slopes which seamed to work really well for them.

Little did we know it but this would give us some great inspiration and confidence for the future in the months ahead.

A fantastic week to start what would be an amazing journey for us!


2 Jan 2015


So just thought I would put together a separate blog as I guess I am what you would call ‘fairly active’ doing lots of outdoor stuff for most of my life and working the outdoors too running my own MTB coaching company.

However since 'excitedly' finding out I was pregnant I have read, googled and generally been told to not do any of the ‘things’ that make me, well…. me!

Much of this ‘advice’ I have thought about and consulted with other outdoor friends who have had kids and discussed with Bob too and for sure you need to be more cautious and think of consequences however as long as your sensible with it there is no real reason you can’t keep doing the things that make you happy well in to your pregnancy and get back to them quickly afterwards too. So here is a week by week blow of my pregnancy for you. Remember we’re all different and you need to match the level of your activity to the level you had before you were pregnant, as a rough guess I am using the same theory that I use for my work coaching, keep below 70% of your ability. Quite simple really!


1 Jul 2014


The things people say!

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