So it's cold and stormy weather but I am desperate to get out and do something, so talk Bob in to heading to Rest bay for a surf, get their and it’s fine so jump on and start surfing, caught a wave and a guy cut nearly cut me up was ready to jump away but he fell off. I think the guys don’t think girls can catch waves so are quiet happy to ‘drop in’ on you even though I had the right of way!

So note to self keep eyes in the back of your head! Or just don’t surf near people I don’t know. Every time I jump off the board after a ride he wriggles till I get back out to the back of the break.

feeling unstable on the board now! and got tired quickly though Rest bay has a strong sideways currant so probably not the best place to surf now!

Also feeling a lot heaver on my feet and when we went for a walk down by Mumbles point later in the week I was starting to feel a bit unstable when trying to cross the sea from the point to the lighthouse and rocks are really sore to step on because I weight more I guess, came across this massive Jelly fish too thought which was pretty cool!

8 Apr 2015


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