Get another surf in at Rest Bay Porthcawl. First time at Rest and we get the surf just after high, its a beach that looks very rocky and so I was a bit worried as didn’t know what was underneath rocks or sand so this did make me feel uneasy, really strange how being pregnant changes your perception of dangers and risks, I am really trying to not get to worried about it however you do have to stop and talk to yourself at times!

I was quite 'picky' on what waves i caught as i went out a bit further. After 2 1/2 hours of surfing we came back in as I started to feel super tired and needed some food too. Also realised that the beach rocks weren’t as bad as they looked too, worry for nothing!
Also this week we end for a walk on Worms Head, we were out for about 2 hrs or so and I really do notice that I need to take it a bit slower and I get out of breath really quick too. Just have to deal with it and lower my expectations of what I can do a bit I guess.


11 Jan 2015


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