Van Road Trails are an amazing Community trail park with some fantastic Pump Tracks and jump lines. Rode there with Bob for 3 hours.

Nothing crazy but really nice to get out and have a play. I love riding hardtails and playing on Pump Tracks too so this definitely chilled me out.

I actually felt OK and even though Bob told me to keep the wheels on the floor it was nice to do some small jumps too! I was defiantly 'showing' now and I got out of breath quite quickly however if you know how your body is dealing with it you know what you can and can't do. Just listen to your own body.

I also went paddling on the sea as the weather was so nice and found it fine, I have always been a reasonably good kayaker and sitting in a boat seamed pretty ease to be honest even at this stage in the pregnancy.

You obviously need to make sure you don’t lift anything heavy so Bob did all the loading and unloading of the boats, this is definitley a key point, have someone else do all the boring stuff and lifting so you can keep your energy for actually doing the stuff you want to do. We made life as easy as we could by paddling from the Mumbles where there is a good all water slipway so getting in and out was super easy for us.


4 Jan 2015


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