So with the new Skills Area nearly finished off I ran my first coaching sessions this week. I was having really crappy morning sickness too which did not help! I had to have on hand snacks to eat whenever I felt it coming on and for me eating really quick in the morning and whenever I felt it starting really helped me mange it so I could continue to work as normal.

I also found I was having to eat more often at this point too, I went from the normal 3 meals a day to around 5 smaller meals a day and I was also drinking a bit more fluids too.


I also carried on with riding my bike too, but found it much harder going uphill, though I am not sure if this was because I hadn’t done much riding due to recovering from the thumb operation or due to the pregnancy, anyway we devised a clever 'tow' system so Gez and Bob could give me a bit of an assist on the climbs!

I took it a bit easier than normal and made sure I had a bit more drink and food with me and also had someone to ride with to keep an eye on me too while expired our new home area in the Afan Valley, it was really great to know I could still get out and ride even at this stage in the pregnancy.


4 Jan 2015


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