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So it's cold and stormy weather but I am desperate to get out and do something, so talk Bob in to heading to Rest bay for a surf, get their and it’s fine so jump on and start surfing, caught a wave and a guy cut nearly cut me up was ready to jump away but he fell off. I think the guys don’t think girls can catch waves so are quiet happy to ‘drop in’ on you even though I had the right of way!

So note to self keep eyes in the back of your head! Or just don’t surf near people I don’t know. Every time I jump off the board after a ride he wriggles till I get back out to the back of the break.

feeling unstable on the board now! and got tired quickly though Rest bay has a strong sideways currant so probably not the best place to surf now!

Also feeling a lot heaver on my feet and when we went for a walk down by Mumbles point later in the week I was starting to feel a bit unstable when trying to cross the sea from the point to the lighthouse and rocks are really sore to step on because I weight more I guess, came across this massive Jelly fish too thought which was pretty cool!

8 Apr 2015


So week 21 came and it was time for another scan of the wee fella, so had another scan, to get the wee one’s spine, this time he was lying on his stomach using my bladder for a cushion and so the nurse was able to get all the spine in view. Mentioned to the Nurse when I surf he wriggles a lot and she said babies love the water!

8 Apr 2015


Get another surf in at Rest Bay Porthcawl. First time at Rest and we get the surf just after high, its a beach that looks very rocky and so I was a bit worried as didn’t know what was underneath rocks or sand so this did make me feel uneasy, really strange how being pregnant changes your perception of dangers and risks, I am really trying to not get to worried about it however you do have to stop and talk to yourself at times!

I was quite 'picky' on what waves i caught as i went out a bit further. After 2 1/2 hours of surfing we came back in as I started to feel super tired and needed some food too. Also realised that the beach rocks weren’t as bad as they looked too, worry for nothing!
Also this week we end for a walk on Worms Head, we were out for about 2 hrs or so and I really do notice that I need to take it a bit slower and I get out of breath really quick too. Just have to deal with it and lower my expectations of what I can do a bit I guess.


11 Jan 2015


Starting to definitely feel 'something' inside me now and it feels kinda weird like a pebble inside of me. I look up on Blogs to see what other women are doing and get a very mixed outcome, so what I took away from it is if you can already surf it’s fine I’ve been surfing for a while now and I also ride longboard which means I can catch easier smaller waves or be out further so not fighting for a wave. You don’t want to take a fall on the board or crash in to other people surfing! its the same with any activity really, don't start it when you'r epregnant however if you have been doing it and can make a balanced risks 'V' benefits assessment then why not keep doing it!

So if your happy that won’t happen then surf, ride, climb all you like, hell the Hawaiian girls where surfing up to 36 weeks but were obviously calming it down to catching smaller waves than normal. So my take was I would be fine if I just trusted my own instincts, skills and experience.

11 Jan 2015


The weather and swell remains quite good and I was also feeling OK so we went out surfing and headed up to Llangennith with the boys and Jen. The sure was nice and mellow and we had an amazing had BBQ on the beach as the sun set.

I do have thoughts about "should I be doing all this?" but at the end of the day it's what makes me happy and I think I would be super grumpy if I was not getting out and enjoying myself especially on a day like this. . . .


10 Jan 2015


So this week we went out with some friends that had come down from North Wales, Friday was a ride around the Blue Scar trail. Sat and Sun was taken up with work coaching people to develop their MTB bike skills which was great to do.

Monday we went for another ride on the Penhydd Trail. Tuesday we went around the Whites level 24km. Wednesday the surf was good so we went down to Porthcawl for 3hours. After the 6 days of consent activities I did feel very tired and had to rest up for a couple of days but it was really good to be able to get out in the nice weather!

10 Jan 2015


Van Road Trails are an amazing Community trail park with some fantastic Pump Tracks and jump lines. Rode there with Bob for 3 hours.

Nothing crazy but really nice to get out and have a play. I love riding hardtails and playing on Pump Tracks too so this definitely chilled me out.

I actually felt OK and even though Bob told me to keep the wheels on the floor it was nice to do some small jumps too! I was defiantly 'showing' now and I got out of breath quite quickly however if you know how your body is dealing with it you know what you can and can't do. Just listen to your own body.

I also went paddling on the sea as the weather was so nice and found it fine, I have always been a reasonably good kayaker and sitting in a boat seamed pretty ease to be honest even at this stage in the pregnancy.

You obviously need to make sure you don’t lift anything heavy so Bob did all the loading and unloading of the boats, this is definitley a key point, have someone else do all the boring stuff and lifting so you can keep your energy for actually doing the stuff you want to do. We made life as easy as we could by paddling from the Mumbles where there is a good all water slipway so getting in and out was super easy for us.


4 Jan 2015


The weather was pretty good this week so I gout out on my bike quite a bit Road the Blue scar, then played on the gap jump at the Afan Skills area, We then headed up to the Bryn Betws Skills area to ride the jump line and chill out.

4 Jan 2015


So with the new Skills Area nearly finished off I ran my first coaching sessions this week. I was having really crappy morning sickness too which did not help! I had to have on hand snacks to eat whenever I felt it coming on and for me eating really quick in the morning and whenever I felt it starting really helped me mange it so I could continue to work as normal.

I also found I was having to eat more often at this point too, I went from the normal 3 meals a day to around 5 smaller meals a day and I was also drinking a bit more fluids too.


I also carried on with riding my bike too, but found it much harder going uphill, though I am not sure if this was because I hadn’t done much riding due to recovering from the thumb operation or due to the pregnancy, anyway we devised a clever 'tow' system so Gez and Bob could give me a bit of an assist on the climbs!

I took it a bit easier than normal and made sure I had a bit more drink and food with me and also had someone to ride with to keep an eye on me too while expired our new home area in the Afan Valley, it was really great to know I could still get out and ride even at this stage in the pregnancy.


4 Jan 2015


The things people say!

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