Sort your Bearings out!

With some great venues like Antur Stiniog, Revolution Bike Park and Onegiant Leap in Llangollen there are probably quite a few bikes out there in need of some TLC after a long, wet winter of uplifting! The wet winter has not only playing havoc with your wish to stay alive it’s also killing your pivot bearings & bushings too, check this one out:

So it’s probably a good time to give your bike a good check over and if you find any play in the rear suspension bushings or bearings just replace the lot. With the movement of the suspension linkage pivot bearings only get to move about a half a turn at most, even on a bigger travel bike and so they do tend to clog or seize up. 

Popping your friendly local bike shop will save you the hassle and danger of bashing your frame or hand with a hammer! However with a bit of space and the right DIY tools it's not that hard a job. 

If your doing your own our ‘Top Tip’ is to take the cap off the new bearings and drop in some extra high quality grease. This will help keep water out and as you actually don’t require the full rotation of the bearing it also 'packs' it and slow the corrosion that is inevitable in these conditions. 

Great way to spend another crappy ‘wet’ afternoon like today! 

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