New years resolutions!

  1. LOSE WEIGHT & GET FITTER: This one is actually easy, you just have to ‘burn’ more calories than you take in, it really is that simple! Eat less or if you don’t want to do that then exercise more, if you do both it will happen quicker! Like many things in life the answer is often simple and all about a balance rather than a radical change. Walk to the shops, ride your bike to work, get up early at the WE and do something physical rather than lying in bed thinking about it. Eat healthy will obviously really help too!
  2. GET OUT ON MY BIKE MORE: So just do it, get organised and actually plan it. Can you ride to work or get up early on your day off to fit a ride in before the other stuff you need to do? Have you tried night riding? (Check out our guide to NIGHT RIDING )
  3. IMPROVE MY RIDING AND CONFIDENCE: We all have a huge potential in us a riders and also in other areas of our life’s, you just need to develop this hidden potential without any interference from your own mind, “I can’t do it”  or “I always get it wrong” are common phrase’s we hear but it just means is that you have not learned to do it or developed your confidence.....yet. We can defiantly help you find the emerging rider that is within YOU, ofter this also can have a positive affect on other areas of your life too, great eh!
  4. SPEND MORE TIME WITH FAMILY AND FRIENDS: Modern life pulls us in so many directions it can be hard to sometimes prioritise the things that are actually important. Our family and friends are often the very foundation of our life and brining them up the long list of ‘things to do’ will enhance many things. So why not arrange a ride or walk with them but then throw in a secret picnic to to make it extra special. Go for a walk on a beach or all go and try something new?
  • Lose weight & get fitter
  • Get out on my bike more
  • Improve my riding and confidence
  • Spend more time with family and friends 
  • Get my work and private life in ‘balance’

So we thought we would give you our ‘top tips’ on trying to help you actually achieve your New Years resolution this year!

  1. GET YOUR WORK AND PRIVATE LIFE IN ‘BALANCE’: Generally try to work a bit less and enjoy your life more, easier said than done we agree, however it can be done. Got a huge problem at work? take a day off and go for a ride or do something different. Ofter the solution will pop in to your head when your not focussed on it and things will all make sense. Got too much responsibility then pass some of it on and delegate work so you can all work ‘smarter’ and actually do the work you are supposed to be doing rather than everyone else's just because you don’t think they will do it to your standard, tough it will still get done and you will have more time for hobbies, friend and family and a social life.

At the end of the day it’s all really boils down to motivation, you can achieve amazing things you did not think were possible if you just shed all your excuses and mental ‘I can’t do it’ thoughts behind you and get on with it. Set a long term ‘dream goal’ and then brake it down in to much easier steps that you can realistically achieve and tick them off, what are you doing today to achieve your long term goal?

Write it all down and this will help you keep motivated and also focus you too. Some of the key things that your dream goal needs to include to keep you really motivated are:

Challenge, Curiosity, Control, Fantasy, Competition, Cooperation and Recognition

    So there you have it, our Top Tips to the most common resolutions we come across. Might all sound very simple you say? well, ofter it is once you strip away all the clutter around it and actually focus on what you really want to do it is. If you want any help to actually achieve your resolutions this year or help in goal setting or training contact us.


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