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We have been using ‘Smudges’ lights for a while now and we had an ace winter’s riding last year using both the original 1,000 lumen V1’s and then some of the newer V2 lights. For this winter he asked us to test the new 2,000 lumen ‘Lumenator’ 2LED light so here are our thoughts on them for you. 

(If you don’t have the time to read all this then scroll down the page and just watch the video!)

We really liked the old V1 & V2 1 LED lights, they were cheap as chips, reliable  and seamed to work as well as lights costing twice as much last year so this was going to be a tough one, they were compact gave us no trouble all winter and while some people did not like the more focused beam on them for the price they were really great lights and totally capable for all conditions and rides. We rode with the ideal set up of a low power set on the bars to light up the trail and another unit on the helmet so we could look down the trail to the next feature or braking point.

So why buy or upgrade to a 2 LED Lumenator then? Well as you can see in the photo below the beam is much softer and spreads out wider on the Lumenator and so it lights up the trail and the sides of the trail much better than the more focused beams on the single LED lights which is really great because in our ideal set up you want a Lumenator on the bars to do the lighting up of the trail near the bike for your peripheral vision while you have a V2 or older V1 on the helmet with it’s more focused beam to light up that next trail feature further down the trail.

Top pick XML 1LED V1 & V2’s Bottom pick: Lumenator 2LED

This is a fantastic way of training  your natural ‘target fixation’ instinct to look further down the trail rather than focusing on a single rock, ditch, root or tree stump causing you to ride right in to it, as happens all the time to lots of riders even good ones! This definitely takes time to develop, but ‘hey’ we have a pretty long winter here in North Wales!One of the great thing’s is that for the price of most other 2 or 3 LED lights you can get yourself both a 1LED V2 and a 2 LED Lumenator to have this ideal set up if your just getting in to riding your bike at night. If you already have a single light at the moment then it’s really a small upgrade cost to run this two light set up If you really want to develop your instinctive riding for next summer. In the spring you won’t even notice that your looking further down the trail, riding more relaxed and working with the trail rather than fighting it. This new state of riding you could enter is often called ‘flow’ 

Image 4.jpg

Got to admit we’re not really techie people either, if ‘stuff’ works we use it if not it gets replace, relatively simple safe way to live we think! if you want to know all the tech stuff / prices and all that check out Smudges site here, just click the photo:

To see the light working actually on the trail check out this fun little vid we made to try and show you the difference between them and also how to use them properly:

If you’r new to riding your bike at night check out our ‘Top Tips’ vid on night riding here too, just click on the photo: 

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