Midweek Skills Tip No3: Use Pump tracks

Pump tracks are getting everywhere and are great fun and importantly help you develop some really good skills that you can use riding no matter what your in to, XC,DH jump or just messing about with your mates. Developing good skills on a pump track will not only benefit your all round riding. You will get a great work out too!

Your bike is not that important, the least suspension the better really, hardtails are ace on them! Just drop your seat down, stand up and develop those Pumping skills!

They are also pretty much self limiting places too which makes them fantastic for younger riders. If you can get over the kids showing you up most of the time when you first get on there a few hrs spend on a pump track every now and again will really improve your ability to pump and soak up features on any trail.

So what are you waiting for an invitation? Get out there and have some fun!

These videos are really aimed to be used as a reminder for people who have been on courses with us. However if you would more information or to arrange some coaching for you or some friends just contact us.

Bob & Ally

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