Clean your bike!

Your investment in your bike is kind wasted if you don’t look after it! Keeping it clean and free from muck and corrosion is pretty important as well as letting it function properly and also helps reduce the maintenance costs too. So here are some ‘Top Tips’ on how to look after it and keep it all in good order from our friend Jon from Fenwick’s, they know a thing or two about cleaning stuff!

Yes I know you’re sat there thinking “I know how to do that” but there are a couple of often overlooked facts that can increase the wear on all your components, increase the chances of corrosion and generally start to make your pride and joy look a little dull. For instance did you know:

  1. That most household detergents have allot of salt in them?
  2. That using a jet wash can actually damage parts and wash the grease out of bearings and push dirt past seals on the bike?
  3. That riding on the road in the wet is also covering your bike in salt, diesel and other non bike friendly substances?

So keeping it clean and corrosion free is going to be a really important part of your general maintenance program. Check out this quick video we made with help from Fenwick’s to point you in the right direction.

So there you have it, key points to save you money on parts and maintenance:

  1. Use a good bike cleaner!
  2. Be super carefully if your using a jet wash!
  3. Rinse everything off
  4. Lube it up!

Makes sense really, but first get out and get it muddy!

Happy riding

Bob & Ally

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