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Trips and Adventures

Travelling with Fin:

Looking for a MTB Bike Venue that will tick all the boxes and keep everyone happy? We went to Livigno last year with our baby and can highly recommend it. Here's a quick pic video to get you fired up:


We popped back up to North Wales just after Christmas to take Ally's parents home however we also managed to coincide our trip with the first snow of the year ( I always said Ally was a bit Snow Angel!) We caught up with some old friends on the Horseshoe Pass and set out for some fun. Heading up to the Mast the view were as spectacular as we remembered them from out 7 years of living up there. We did not have our bikes with us so while the lads Super T AKA Tom, Rich and Anthony rode (kind'a) we walked in the fresh snow.

Clear Blue skies made for some amazing views down towards Llangollen and over the Cheshire plains while to the West Snowdon and the other North Wales mountain's were clearly in sight.

Anthony, Rich and Tom had a blast in the cold fresh snow and after a couple of slides and tumbles they all started to get used to the conditions and make the most of the conditions.

The views as they rode were amazing with the clear blue sky for a back drop it was great to take it all in as the guys rode by.

Tom who just lives a couple of hundred meters away on the 'Pass' made it look easy keeping the speed on the bike and not using the brakes but letting the snow slow him down where he wanted.

It was great to be up there with them and it just goes to show that sometimes its just worth getting out there! It was also great for me Ally and wee Finlay to get out in the fresh air too!

The little 'Bear' was quite snugly in his winter 'fur!'

Wicked day out in the snow with them and it just goes to show that sometimes it's just worth getting out there even when the conditions are not that great!



We were up in out North Wales Skills Area at Onegiant Leap in Llangollen over Easter doing a spot of trail maintenance and sorting it out for a busy summer program of courses.

We did a bit of staff training with our latest recruit so Finlay had his first trail building session too. . . . . .

However he soon got bored and had to go have a play in the trees!

Not sure where his mum was?

Big 'thanks' to Tom AKA 'Super T' for providing the digging power as ever.

After a few hrs work we had to go and have a play too obviously!

Lovely to be back up North and working on the trails as ever.


We spent ages researching for trailers that would give us the freedom to still ride some better trails and also just get about as a family and it seemed like there was only one option that we could find and that was the Tout Terrain trailer from Germany.

The guys out there were really helpful and it looked like their single trailer would do the job perfectly. A sturdy steel roll cage protects the little fella along with the 5 point harness while it's 45cm width, single wheel and adjustable 16mm to 200mm shock give it the ability to handle berms, rocks and pretty much all that a Red grade trail can handle.

This ability to bank with the bike as you corner also greatly reduces the lateral forces on the little one too.

We took the bike out on to the Rookie Green trail in Afan Forest Park to give it a go and see how it all works. We have got the baby seat and child support kit too so we had a bit of playing about to get used to it all and see how it works best for Finlay. Riding wise you hardly notice the trailer behind you and its 'dry' weight of 9.5kg's is testament to its great design.

We had a short but great first trip out with it and we will put up more as we explore our new riding life with Finlay. He seamed oblivious which I guess is the good thing however in a few month's we hope he is whooping and hollering around the trails with us!


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