The Continual Professional Development Course is aimed at any level of rider who is looking at doing a Go Mountain Bike instructor, Skills Instructor or a higher level qualification than they currently hold and who would like to ‘up-skill’ their own riding skills and knowledge. Consisting of a one day training course delivered by highly experienced Skills Tutors this course provides a thorougher understanding and development of all the key technical skills required for any MTB skill instructional awards and more advanced riding.


We generally provide this course in partnership with the CTC however it is NOT a set pre requisite for the Go Mountain bike Instructors and Skills Instructor courses. It does however give a concentrated day of individual skills development pre course in preparation for them. Those taking part often capitalise on the knowledge and skills gained through the day to get more out of their assessment course and it is therefore also ideal for any riders who want to top up their own riding skills before any of the other CTC courses.  

It is often used on closed courses by groups and organisations who wish their staff to develop a grater understanding of MTB Skills development and also allows them to gain higher levels of qualifications than they might have otherwise achieved.

We have also provided it to companies and organisations who wish to develop staff MTB competency and bring them up to date with the latest MTB coaching methods.


Why we use Video Feedback? “TAKE A PICTURE, IT’LL LAST FOREVER” It enables us and you to analyse what your doing and when in slow motion, frame by frame. It’s a fantastic tool and it enables you to learn much faster than traditional feedback methods used by other instructors.



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