Coming on a female-specific course or private session with us can have lots of benefits, as well as being lots of fun and meeting other female riders, everyone is working on the same wavelength and in a testosterone free environment it’s really refreshing when you are trying to take your riding to that next level. We also cover fitness conditioning and goal setting too.

Having a female coach that understands your needs, puts you at ease and creates a really fun learning environment and can also show you what women are capable of, is a great change from the all to often publicised ‘Ladies’ course that actually has male instructors.


Lots of women ride and most ride with there partner’s or male friends. Guy’s don’t think along the same lines as women, they also learn and often ride in different ways too, as you might have noticed! That does not mean you can’t keep up with them and show them a thing or two though.

We work with small groups, so that you and a couple of friends  can have coaching in a specific location that fits the skills you want to develop. Females respond to this friendly environment and develop their skills faster this way.  Thats why we do it!

So no matter if you just like pottering about the local lanes and bridleways or if you are a Downhill Diva or even a wannabe Jump spot Queen we can help you on your way. 

Learning at your own level and pace with a female instructor is a fantastic way to develop your skills further. Why not get in touch with us and see where we can take your riding with you? 


To book on an Open Course, check out our dates and get in touch:


Fundementals Course (Get to Grip with MTB)

Please get in touch for dates.

Core Skills Courses:

Saturday 1st July, Afan South Wales.

Jumps and Drops Courses: 

Saturday 23rd September, Afan South Wales. 

Sunday 29th October, Afan South Wales.

Advanced Riding:

Please get in touch for dates.

Downhill Skills with Uplift:

Please note that the Downhill Courses are all bespoke courses.

Open courses includes:

  • A full day (10am to 4.30pm) of fully qualified MTB Skills coaching
  • Suitable progressive terrain in our own ‘private’ skills area
  • Live video coaching so you can see what you are actually doing
  • Post course feedback CD with all the video footage from the course on with Demo's etc
  • Individual post course feedback sheet with the key learning elements of each skill and top tips.
  • Max 6 people per course!  

To book your place on any Women Specific Courses simply contact us with your details and receive further info and we will get you booked on.  


For private group rates please contact us with your requirements. (Downhill Skills with Uplift, prices are priced differently)


Our private skills area at Onegiant Leap, Llangollen, North Wales. 

We also have a new venue at Afan Lodge, South Wales.   



A bit more on Ally:

As well as being co-owner of Campbell Coaching Ally is our head female coach. She has a confident and fun style. Her depth of knowledge, and ability to identify and communicate key points enable her clients to quickly develop their understanding of the skills and to ride trails, jumps and drops with increased confidence and control.

She has also a vast experience in Downhill Endurance Racing after travelling the past 6 years all around Europe to events giving her a fairly unique female view on this emerging and exciting style of riding and racing.

Kayaking and rafting have also been strong driving forces in her life and have taken her all over the World. From Iran, Scandinavia and  to  South America and most places in between while on her travels she has developed some key skills on communicating with people and developing both skills and more importantly self  ‘confidence’

While she still loves being out on the water, over 12 years ago she found out she could have just as much fun on two wheels!

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