Campbell Coaching as well as being tutors for instructors wishing to deliver Go MTB to schools, clubs and other youth groups via the CTC are also the most experienced accredited ‘Go MTB’ providers in North Wales. So What’s it all about?


Young people love being on bikes, its your first real independent journeys and adventures with your ‘mates’ The Go MTB program provides a framework for this and is a totally NEW mountain bike proficiency program aimed at young riders from around 10 years old upwards. It was designed by Cycling Scotland alongside other key partners including the SMBLA, Sustrans and the CTC.

The program covers 4 key themes;

  • Riding skills
  • First aid
  •  Being independent and self supporting (including the Eat Well plate)
  • Sharing the outdoors 

Each of the 4 ‘themes’ has 5 levels of proficiency that can be achieved by participants

        Samples from the program;

            Each participant gets an very modern and graphic driven individual A5 course instruction and log book filled with support material for the instruction and other complementary information. Instructors sign off individual sessions in each level until the level has been achieved. Rides and other sessions are also logged in this book.

At the completion of all of a level participants also get a certificate:   


You do not have to do all the program and the themes and levels can be mixed and matched according to your groups interest and the desired outcomes from the sessions and time budget available.

The principle aim of the scheme is to support individuals to develop the skills to make independent journeys into the outdoors on mountain bikes and also develop their skills.

The key benefits we have found for groups participating in the program are:

  • The program has a progressive nature and so has sustainability built in to it. If a group wanted to go all the way through the program from level 1 to 5 it would take a considerable time, ideal for long term development projects.

  • It is very easy for ‘non’ mountain bikers to appreciate this long term sustainable development potential of the program once the course book has been seen so gaining support from funding authorities or others who need to approve budgets or give permission is considerably easier.

  • At the end of the day its actually about the young people taking part and they will learn numerous skills and reach many curricular goals including developing: Building confidence and creativity ~ Developing interpersonal relationships ~ Creating dynamic teams ~ Encouraging experiential learning ~ Instilling positive values and above all: Empowering individuals

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