Our Downhill Skills Course is not just for the race heads, if you want to be smoother and more confident on the ‘downs’ this is a great course for you. The emphasis is on controlling energy, being able to pick different lines and flow faster down the trail with more confidence. We also look into the Physiological and Psychological aspects too and help you develop the emerging ‘downhiller’ in you if thats what your after. Tire choice, bike set up and lots of other tips are all in the day too!


This course is an intro to Downhilling. If your not sure what course you should do please contact us.

For those into racing we also have a rider development program that will sort out your ‘head’ (skills required to iron out those pre race nerves) how to set up a race routine as well as your riding skills! These are often bespoke courses down on a 1-2-1 basis however we also run 'open' courses where there will be a max of 3 other riders with us. We often try to arrange these courses on Fridays as the DH trails are quieter then.

Please note that the Downhill Courses are all bespoke courses

For a 1-2-1 session and group rates (min 3 people) please contact us with your requirements.


Downhill trails we run open courses area: Onegiant Leap and Foel Gasnach. If you want coaching on other DH trails then please contact us and let us know where and what you want.


One of the main things I've taken away from my day with Ally is that if I spend some time going back to basics and think about/practice my technique (instead of just applying speed!) then I'll gain a load more confidence to ride the bigger drops that have been holding my DH riding back.

Apart from being friendly and welcoming, I thought Ally's approach to coaching was really solid and she very quickly understood my needs.

I had a great time at the Foel Gasnach trails and it was great to meet Ally and Bob (thanks for the uplifts).

Cheers guys and see you in Sheffield later this month!


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