The National Standard’s give young adults and adults the skills to make confident journeys on all roads where you can cycle and in different traffic conditions no matter if its to commute to work, go shopping or just get about town and help save the environment! 

If your a company and your staff ride bikes its great to give them more confidence to ride in an urban  environment and you can drastically reduce the numbers of injuries and days off work by providing some basic training for your workers. 


The National Standards follow the same three level’s of achievement:

Level 1: 

Will develop basic bike handling skills in a controlled environment away from traffic.

Level 2

Will teach cyclists to cycle planned routes on roads with traffic and simple junctions offering real cycling experience in a ‘live’ environment.

Level 3

Will develop riding skills and confidence in busier traffic conditions and on more complicates traffic lanes and junctions such as multi lane roads and junctions, roundabouts and filter lanes.



Bikeability is set up for all ages of young people. It’s the Cycling Proficiency Test for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today's roads. There are three Bikeability levels and children will be encouraged and inspired to achieve all three levels recognising that there is always more to learn and to enjoy on a bike:

Level 1 

You learn to control your bike. By completing Level 1, you can show you have the skills to control your bike and ride where there is no traffic and that you are ready to start your road training.

Level 2 

Start with real traffic, but sticking to quieter roads and junctions. By completing Level 2 you demonstrate you have the skills to make an independent journey with confidence on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school, the local shop or to your friends house.

Level 3 is 

Move up to busier roads and more complicated road junctions and traffic conditions. It's like driving or motorbike lessons and once you have done it you should be able to cycle most places safely, certainly after some practice. Normally you will do level 2 once you have started secondary school.

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