Winter wonderland!

So this weekend has been interesting to say the least so far! We had a group booked in for a Jumps & Drops session on Sunday however we postponed that Thursday night when we got a good look at the forecast for the WE.

I woke up Friday to a Christmas card covering of snow for as far as I could see, which was not all that far in all honesty:

IMG 0974

I was wondering how I was going to explain to Bob that nature had upgraded our Syncro to a 'high top' too:

IMG 0993

While Bling (cat) was really not impressed with the snow that had built up by the door ,when all he wanted to do was pop out for a poo in the morning:

IMG 0953

I decided to brave it and walk down to the shops in Llandegla with Tom and Paul who also live up here to grab some provisions before we got completely blocked in. 

IMG 0955

We walked up to the roundabout passing an abandoned car across the road!

IMG 0959

Then had some fun trying to get passed the drifts that were forming in the strong winds:

IMG 0972
IMG 0968

Bob started his journey home if the driving rain from Swansea on Friday and as he drove back up North it soon turned to snow and then got kind'a crazy by the time he got to Llandegla as you can see here:

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

 However with the winter tyres on the Peugeot it made it back up to the house after some interesting moments going up the Pass!

IMG 1179

The power had gone off by the time Bob got home so dinner was cooked on a camping stove and eaten by a roaring log fire with the TV off, bit of a blessing really!

After a toasty night by the fire, we awoke to it still snowing.

IMG 0979

By now Bling was getting desperate for a crap, (he hates using the litter tray!) so he decided to start to digging his way out!

IMG 0978

While Bob got on with some digging of his own:

IMG 0989

The neighbours got together and we decided to try and launch a rescue mission to get out and grab some more provisions, so more digging was required to clear the snow drift that blocked the way to the road for the  Syncro!

IMG 0982

Actually with a few of us keeping warm 'digging' it did not take that long until we had a narrow path just wide enough to get the van out:

IMG 1025

We made it up to the road and went for a welcome brew!

IMG 1038
IMG 1014

Excitedly we made a community shopping list and a few of us piled in the van to see where we could get too:

IMG 1039

We got a few hundred meters down the road before the drifts just got too big even for the Syncro, so rather than face a long dig out we retreated back up to the houses.

Meanwhile Bling had decided enough was enough and managed to brave the elements. 

IMG 1009

Much relived he even started to enjoy being outside:

We all retreated back in to our houses to sit by roaring fires.  power has just come back on but we're resisting the temptation to put the TV on! Chess by the fire is more investing. Lets see what happens Sunday!


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