What Mountain Bike Magazine feature on Jumps 16.6.14

Steve from What Mountain Bike magazine got in touch with me regarding an article he was working on which was looking at different ways of learning to jump. I sorted out a session for him so he could see how having some coaching could help you improve your skills and confidence on the bike. First up I quickly checked some of his Core Skills like pumping and manualing and we also looked at bunny hops too. 


Using the i pad for live feedback Steve was able to see what he was doing and able to make some fine tuning to his riding to make sure it was all solid ready for the next stage. 


We had a walk down our jump line and discussed the key features like the take off and landing transitions. After a couple of  runs through to make sure he understood where to 'pump' I started to get him to open out a touch more and soon the bike was following a really nice curve over the jumps. 


During this Andy Lloyd the photographer who was with him was taking shots for the article which is due out later this year. Had a really fun afternoon with them both and Steve now has some new skills and understanding to take away and develop in to his riding as his own pace. 


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