Visit to Antur Stinog N Wales

North Wales is blessed with some cracking uplift venues, our local, Onegiant leap in Llangollen, Revolution Bike Park in Llangynog and Antur Stinog at  Blaenau Ffestiniog  are all within easy reach for some amazing riding. 

They all have their own different personalities and challenges and being at most just an hour or so from places like Llandegla and Coed y Breinin they all offer something different from the normal trail centre experience and obviously you get a lift to the top too, great if your more inclined towards using gravity to get your action!

The trails at Antur are part of a bigger local project in Blaenau to open the area up to visitors and also create jobs and economic benefits locally. The trails are really well thought out and were built by Mai Black and the crew from Xtreme Tracks and Jason Rennie both of whom you might not know but you will have ridden some of their previous work at Llandegla (think the new B line & Red)  the Penmachno trails and lots of other sections too. 

The uplift service is from down by the Llechwedd Slate Caverns currently (the building work on their own centre is already on the go so that should be open in the spring I think) and is done in two really good minibuses. 

The uplift is faultless, buy the time you get to the bottom there is pretty much always bus there ready to load and because its so frequent and quick there is no rush to cram runs in either, you just have a few runs, chill out and go back for more! The drivers are ace and keep the atmosphere really fun and friendly while really looking after your valuable bikes too! 

Antur Stinog is defiantly not just a venue for DH, big travel rigs either as the the graded trails Blue, Red, Black and Double Black provide as much fun and challenge as you want, great for groups of friends with different abilities or bikes as you all end up a the same place smiling ready for the next run! 

The big thing I thought was really ace about it was that the trails are really progressive i.e. the step up from the Blue to the Red is quite achievable and progressive and same from the Red to the Black, things get steeper, rockier and there is generally a choice of lines on the harder section which keeps it all interesting and let you play with it all. However if you have a bigger bike there are some great section on the Black and Double Black to challenge you for sure especially if you start to build up the speed once you get to know the lines a bit. 

There are plenty of drops and jumps if thats what your after and as you get to the bottom of the Blacks they get bigger and more challenging so check everything out and build it up during the day, you have plenty of time!

They have obviously used the natural rock and slate to great effect and it’s defiantly going to be one of the better places to ‘hone’ your Alpine rocky style riding skills before any trips away this summer. 

Check out the short vid of our trip:


We will defiantly be back up there soon to catch up with them and ride again, fantastic trails & great atomshper and staff, highly recommended! Check out the Antur Stinog website here, just click on the logo:



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