Try oval! #ovalrevolution

So, been trying this Absolute Black oval chainring for a couple of weeks now and I / we are sightly surprised at the difference it has made. (Bob was far more skeptical than me by the way!) Especially on the techie climbs here in South Wales like Afan and Cwmcarn. It feels much smoother and the tendency for rear wheel spin outs in the current dusty and loose conditions when it get a bit steeper has disappeared. 

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If you don’t know about oval chainrings do a bit of ‘googling’ and you will find plenty of info out there however to be honest its nothing new however Absolute Black have done a great job of bringing it right up to date for sure. 

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Basically the concept is that it maximizes the downstroke by giving you harder and easier gearing through the pedal-strokes giving you much smother power transmission. Don’t get caught up in a load of old bad press from the 80’s Bob is old enough to remember the disaster of the Shimano ‘Biopic’ oval ring which was actually manufactured with the wrong orientation and gave oval chain rings such a bad name it killed them pretty much back then.

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Worth an upgrade? for sure if you’re not really into climbing like me!, do ride technical climbs or just do longer rides or even just want to be a bit smother with your pedaling. You need to play about with the seat for aft setting to get the most out of it but other than that its a really simple and relatively cheep addition that makes an immediate difference in your ride. Downsides? Currently I have not had any issues at all really. Will post again soon with more as it get settled in to the summers riding with it. . . .Ally

Check out the Absolute Black Oval rings are available from Velotech Services:

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