Tracy's Bespoke session

Keith got Tracy a bespoke skills session with us for her 40th birthday. We arrange a session up at Onegiant Leap in Llangollen with her while Keith went up to Llandegla for a spin!

After a quick brief we got out on the bikes and ran through the course program nice and progressively. She picked up pumping and manuals really well.

 Soon we were looking at drops and she was surprised how soon she felt more confident and was keen to try bigger drops after picking up a few key points using the i pad for feedback.

Soon she was confidently taking a bigger drop in her stride! 

 After a quick lunch stop in the sun we got back out and took the sessions from the morning out on to our trail sections in the woods developing her drop off skills further and looking at cornering and then taking it all on to steeper ground and we got to push her riding really well.

Had a really fun day with her and hopefully she has lots to take away and develop. Looking forward to seeing her out on the trails again soon! 

Bob & Ally

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