Suzy & Phill's Skills Course 03.08.13

Both Sue and Phill have been on courses with us before working their skills each time to a higher level, they came back wanting to get more confidence in going big having more air time and also wanted to up their skills on steeper terrain.


Sue and Phill are riding at different levels and so I catered the day around helping both achieve their goals. Phill's goal was to go bigger on jumps and drops with confidence and the right skills. Sue's was to get confidence on steep corners, jumps and drops. 


So with that in mind we got to work and Sue was soon riding steeper berms and trail sections with style, she also went off drops she previously wouldn't have done and she nailed them. Phill got the hang of getting more air and was going off the bigger drops and clearing all the jumps. 


Lots achieved and the iPad video feedback was a great coaching tool for Phil and Sue to see clearly and in detail what they needed to do and what they where doing right.


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