Sunday fun!

So, today we awoke to the snow still falling around the house, its about level with the window's now:

IMG 1052

The Jones Brothers diggers had also been working hard clearing the road: 

IMG 1114

by about 11am it looked like we would be able to get out so we loaded up the Syncro with a few bods from the houses up here and set out again for provisions! 

IMG 1063

A bit further down the Pass we got to see how deep the snow really had been:

IMG 1116

While we could get through in the Syncro there was still a lot of snow about ever after the diggers had been through, check the vid below:

This browser cannot play the embedded video file.

We got home and put the 'kaboggan' to good use getting stuff to the house

IMG 1083

The wind started to drop and we decided to go for a bit of a walk to see what the top of the Pass was like. The Ponderosa might need a bit digging out before you can go in!

IMG 1084

The road was covered up to the marker posts all the way down.

IMG 1118

While the views down to Llangollen were pretty spectacular

IMG 1117

After a warming brew at home we decided to dig a snow hole in the drift we had to dig through to get the Syncro out yesterday!


We made two side sleeping tunnels in about 30min's 

IMG 1112

Just debating if we should make sleeping shelfs in and spend the night in there, what do you think, don't forget the fire is lit in the house too.

IMG 1124

Nice end to an eventful Three days!


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