Steve is flying! 28.6.14

Steve got in touch with us looking to develop his skills further. He has been riding for quite a few years and has always concentrated on longer distance XC style natural rides however he now rides more technical trails and is really enjoying them however he can see his skills need updating. He has had some coaching before but with limited success but had decided to try it again.

First off we had a chat and discussed the session in Afan Lodge before getting out on the bikes. I ran through a quick 'Core Skills' check with him and I spotted a few things to work on including his footwork as he has been riding in normal outdoor shoes for a while before changing to bike specific shoes in the past couple of months.

Together we looked at his skills using the i pad for feedback and we ran through keeping your weight in the pocket and pumping, manualing and bunny hops as well as different ways of riding drops before having a good session on jump. 

By the end of the session Steve was confidently clearing our 8ft table top which was great to see and he now has lots of stuff to take away and develop in to his instinctive riding while out on the trails.

Had a really great session with him and hopefully see him out on the trials soon!


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