Spring Grime time!

Hey it’s been a long hard winter for your bike too you know! So before Spring really gets here why not give it a bit of TLC. All that wet, muddy riding and 'power hosing' you have been doing over the long winter will have got grime in to and been washing the grease out of all sorts of places you just can’t see. Top of the hit list would be; 

Headsets, wheel hubs and free-hubs, jockey wheels on the rear mech and the drivetrain. Ho and it's probably time you changed your brake pads too!

IMG 0898

The freehub inner before cleaning and after:

IMG 0897
IMG 0899

Shiny, shiny!

Not massive jobs by any means but with some basic tools and a bit of knowledge and time you can strip them down, clean and grease them back, replace any worn parts to keep you rolling in to the Spring. If your not feeling up to it why not just pop it in to your local bike shop and let them give it the once over for you. 

A bit of time looking after it now will probably save you lots of money and the odd scar later on when components start to just give up, fail or seize!

Great job for those cold wet days too rather than just watching crap TV too.


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