Show it some love

Winter is a hard time for your bike, lots of long hrs out on the trail in freezing wet and muddy conditions so before the summer really gets here give it a bit of ' bike love' and your components will last much longer.

Giving it a good clean up first will show where dirt and mud has been hiding for the past few months!

IMG 3991

If you have been using jet washes you can guarantee that most of the exposed bearings will have lost most of their grease and be full of gunk, check this one out of a headset:

So before they actual seize up pop them out of the bike and give them a clean out and re lube them with a good quality bike grease. If you don't think your mechanical skills are up to that pop in to your local independent bike shop and ask them to check them out for you. 

With a bit of cleaning up and some new grease I have just saved a set of £40 headset bearings that will last another couple of months now. 

Another easy part to check are your brake pads, they are probably well worn after the winter too so change them over. 

You might also like to change the type of pad you are using too. Organic pads work better in the dry summer period and you should look to run a Sinterd pads in the winter conditions as they generally perform much better in the wet. We also use Sinterd on our DH bike all year round as they also tend to work much better with a bit of heat in them. Also like tyres we are great believers in stay with one manufacture and get used to how their products work. We have been using Fibrax pads and cables for a while now with no problems, based up in Wrexham they have pads for most brake systems, cables and outers act and they make everything here in the UK so thats pretty cool too.

Whatever you do don't let your pads wear down like these we took of a clients bike last year:

If they get this bad before you change them it could cost you lots more and probably start to damage your discs too, as well as being way less effective. As well as a pad change it will be a good time to change the gear cables and the outers too. So with bit of love your bike will be in good shape for the summers riding!


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