Shauna's Bespoke Core Skills Course 25.6.14

Shauna contacted us as she wanted to improve her Mountain bike skills as she is new to biking and living in Sheffield it's all natural technical trails she's being going out on with her husband. So I arranged for her to met me at our skills area up at Onegiant Leap in Llangollen for the course. 


So I went through the M check in detail and showing Shauna how to fix maintain the bike if she came across loose components etc, I also went into detail about Fork set up. We then headed out to look at the basic skills, ready position, cone of movement and breaking in detail. Once happy with the breaking we went through the core skills in detail video anaylsing pumping and manualing and where she could use them on a trail.


After Lunch and more video feedback, we headed for a warm up and covered cornering before heading into the woods to put everything into practise on the trails. We also talked about the differences between men and women and also how to buid confidence and read trail sections.

Great day was had and Shauna having an understanding and knowledge of the skills she needs to practise and improve next. 


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