Sara gains confidence and skill

We know Sara's sister really well and have ridden and coached her in the past so while they were down staying in Afan Lodge in  South Wales for the WE Sara took the opportunity to get a half day of coaching from us. She rides on the road quite a bit as well as getting out in the North Wales Mountains and trails quite a bit but she keeps her wheel firmly on the ground and 'gets by'

After a quick chat in the morning to look at what we were should cover we got out on the bikes and I had a quick check of her 'core skills' and picked up a few things to work on during the session.

Getting her up and out of the saddle moving about the bike more was key and we also looked at pumping, manuals and cornering too. We also looked at different ways of riding drops which is where the i pad is a fantastic too we use so you can actually see your riding in real time. 

She took it all in really well and was manualing like a star by the end of the session! She was also looking way more confident on the bike too. After some lunch in the Lodge she went out on to some of the ace trails in Afan to put it all in to practice. 

Hope to see her out on the trail again soon!


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