Richards Bespoke Skills Course 30.11.13

Richard contacted us wanting to develop his skills further as he had just bought a full sus bike and found that it rode quite a bit differently from his old hard tail. So we sorted out a 'bespoke' day when he was over from Dubai. We had a chat about what skills he wanted to progress and where he felt he was hanging up with his riding currently.


He also wanted to develop his confidence further too so we spent a bit of time on some quick tips for that before we checked his 'core skills' and then progressed them in to getting confident air off drops and jumping too.


On the course we covered the cone of movement, pumping, manualing, braking, bunny hops, different ways of going off drops, cornering and also how to soak up and ride jumps too. 

Had a really good 'session' with Richard's and his skills came on leaps and bounds literally! See you out on the trails soon. Thanks also to Tom for helping out developing his coaching skills too. Great day all round! 


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