Private Jumps & Drops course 12-03-16

Had a great day with the guys on a private Jumps & Drops course at our Llangollen site. They were all from Southern England and had a great road trip sorted out: FOD, course with us, Bike Park Wales and then the opening day at the 417 project! 

We had a quick look at their riding and spotted some real common bits to work on like not lifting the bike with your feet when going over drops or bunny hopping, and pulling on the bars, looking down the trail and also we also introduced them to 'pumping and manuals'  

Using the i pad for direct video feedback the guys all soon picked up some new skills and confidence and they were also starting to 'feel' what they were doing on the bike and after some great progressive sessions we topped the day off with a great jumping 101 getting them to enjoy being in the air!

Really good day with a great bunch of mates, hope to see you all out on the trails soon.

Ally & Bob 

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