Private Jumps & Drops course 03-06-15

Paul got in touch with us to see if we could run a private Jumps & Drops course for him and a few of his mates at our North Wales venue. 

They all ride together regularly and manage to get down most trails however they really wanted to get the hang of manuals, bunny hops, drops and jumping as well as developing their confidence too. A couple of the guys have also had some coaching before with another company but it did not really 'click' for them so we wanted to make sure they progressed. We set out a program that would mean that everyone got to develop their skills at their own level.

After a quick brief and bike check we were soon out looking at moving about the bikes a bit more, developing good braking skills and also the key pumping and manualing skills which we then developed in to some great bunnyhops.  

After a nice spot of lunch in Llangollen reviewing the i pad video's again it was in to the woods to really develop their drop of skills and we got quite a few of them confidently riding our bigger drops.

We then looked at developing confident jumping skills. Pumping through then soaking up the jumps before we actually started looking at getting some 'air time' 

Tom who was helping coach got it all 'a bit sideways' too!

We finished the day off with a look at riding drops with steeper landing's and by now there was plenty of solid and confident riding going on and so they all had a go at them.

Had a lot of fun with the guys and the amazing North Wales scenery and sunshine topped off a fantastic day. The guys all have a whole bunch of new skills to take out on to the trails and develop even further now. Looking forward to catching up with them all out on the trails real soon!

Bob, Tom & Ally

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