Private Jumps & Drops course 25/4/15

Had a fantastic day with Aidan, Mark and Steve on a private Jumps & Drops session. The guys all ride together and ride a good mix of man made and natural trail. While they can ride most trail features they were keen to develop their knowledge and progress their skills a bit further.

After a quick brief we got out on the bikes and after a quick skills check there were a couple of things to work on, like looking further down the trail more and also not pulling or lifting the bars when getting the front wheel over trail features but driving the bike with the feet more.

After a bit of progressive development they were all soon exploring new ways to ride drops and at different speeds too which is important. 

After a spot of lunch we were  back out on the bikes and looking at taking the skills out on to some real drops. 

We then had a good session focused on jumping but keeping it all under control! Pumping through the jumps first to generate some energy then looking at how to soak up the jump if you need to then finally getting the bike in the air.

 Aiden get some air. . . . . .

Mark was getting the hang of it in a few runs too. . . .

Had a great day riding with the guys, really looking forward to keeping in touch with them and seeing how they develop their skills with a bit of practice out on the trails now. 

Bob & Ally

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