Private Jumps & drops course

Piers, Andy and Matt came over today for a private Jumps & Drops session with us. They are all pretty solid riders but have never had any coaching and were all mostly self taught. They really wanted to work on getting the bike in the air as well as looking at pushing their drop off skills a bit  too. 

Got the guys pumping and manualing as well as practicing good drop off skills in the field before we moved in to our Skills Area where we looked at using the  skills on some real trail sections.

We finished off the session with a great session on the jumps, I got the guys soaking up the features before we started to pump them and and then open out and start to get some air! Before the end of the day we reviewed the vid’s over coffee and cake before the lads went to get some well earned rest!

Top day with the guys, lots for them to take away and develop in to their instinctive riding now but its all on course for some really confident and fun riding!


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