Private Group bespoke Course

Paul called us up wanting two days of coaching for some of the clubs junior team. The group was made up of 5 kids ageing from 10 to 15 years old. Emily, Laura and Eion Birchall and Dion and Jack McCarthy.


They where coming over from County Cork for a Road event: North West International Youth Tour in England.

Then they popped onto the Velodrome to have a go on the track and also the BMX track in Manchester before getting 2 days of coaching by us. Then back to Dublin for another race!


Obviously they all had a good bike fitness and riding ability however we wanted to let them see the improvements that moving about the bike, pumping and soaking up as well as manualing out on the trail would make to their riding. So the program we developed with them was based around developing those skills often wrongly called ‘flat shoe skills’ by many coaches as allot of riders who don’t ride clipped in ride in this style. (Actually makes no difference as long as your shoes are set up properly!) We also wanted to show them how to carry momentum through corners and be efficient with their braking too.


We got them all moving about the bike a bit more and developed their ability to pump and soak up trail features as required in our own Skills Area. So that they could either add momentum or keep it going over the features and keep the bike on the floor if required. With a bit of practice and lots of checking of the live video too they all soon picked it up really well.


The 2nd day we took them to Treuddyn Pump Track so they could really get a feel for it all as well as have a bit of fun too! We had a great session with them all there and we could see their riding improve too.


Then we popped up to Llandegla just a couple of min drive away and took them on a ride around the trails, the weather was really bad but they all made it round really well and they got some practice out on the trails and got to see a great UK Trail Centre too!


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