Peak District National Park CTC Trail Leader course 14.11.12


Just had a great couple of days running a CTC Trail Leader course for some staff from the Peak District National Park. This CTC course based around:

Ensuring Safety




It allows leaders to take groups out on 'non technical trails' and introduces them to mountain biking or to use bike as a means to get out in to the environment and connect with it in other ways. The six staff from the National Park were made up of Rangers, cycle hire staff and other staff involved with MTB within the National Park. 

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We started off looking at the right equipment to have and also ensuring it was safe to use and them played some games and looked at how to develop riders skills before we got out on some of the fantastic trails around Bakewell to develop new skills and transfer some in to an MTB environment. 

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While out on the rider we looked at best practice for leading MTB riders and everyone had a few goes at leading the group and practicing the key skills of the leader being in the right place, communicating to the group efficiently and also how to manage incidents. 

We also looked a basic navigation and finding where you are on a map, vital skills for any leader in the outdoors. The scenery was amazing in the afternoon sunshine!

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The guys were all experienced at working with people and so transferring their skills over in to the MTB environment was quite easy however there they all picked up some keen new skills over the three days of the course as well as also developing their own riding skills we looked at trailside maintianice and 'quick fixes' while out riding.

The last day of the course is based around putting it all together and doing an assessment ride where they all got to lead a section of the ride and also had to manage an incident and deal with mechanical issues. 

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They all passed the course and Ian,Paul,Nick,Leigh,Martyn and Terry will soon be out delivering safe,fun and 'empowering' MTB sessions to a wide range of people in the Peak District National Park. Had a really great few days with the guys and everyone at 

Aldern House. For more info on this and other CTC courses check the website by clicking on the logo here:



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