Open Jumps & Drops Course


Well as it was raining everywhere else the sun seamed to shine in Llangollen at OneGiant Leap. We had 4 guys book onto the course, Trevor from over the hill, Robin and Norbert from Warrington and Rob from Ruthin.


They all ride in the local area and the classic trails in Wales. All wanted to progress there riding to the next stage and have an understanding of where there riding is at!

We started of getting the basics right and building confidence, we went through pumping, manualing, bunnyhops and then looked at different ways of doing drop offs and then put it into practise.

At lunch I went through the videos and analysised them with everyone and then showed the demo’s in slow motion.


Back out we had a quick warm up before going into the woods to put the skills onto trail enviroment, we went through drops and Jumps.


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