Open Jumps & Drops course 21/9/14

We ran an open Jumps & Drops course at Afan Lodge on Sunday and the four guys who were on the course were great fun. The three Chris's and Ryan all had different background but all wanted to develop their riding skills and confidence.

IMG 0426

We started off looking at their stance on the bike and how they transfers their weight about the bike before looking at their braking and trying to make it more efficient. Soon we were looking as some of the key bits of the day pumping and manuals, we even got to take the manuals on to bunny hops too. Using the i pad for direct feedback means we can push the courses on at a good pace and keep everyone on track with their skills.

After another amazing  lunch in the Afan Lodge bar we were back on the bikes and looking at different ways of riding drops, pushing down, manuals and just riding off them! The guys all got to grips with some new skills really well and they were all riding nice and confidently. 

Then we moved to the jump line and looked at how to pump through or 'soak up' features on the trail before we got down to some progressive jumping!

It all went too quick and soon it was time to wrap up the session and do a final review of the video footage. We had a great day with the guys and hopefully we will see them out on the trails again soon with some new found skills and confidence!

Ally & Bob

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