Open Core Skills Course 6.3.14

Robert, Huw, Sol aged 13 and Tom Hutton from Adventure Travel Magazine came along from Treorchy, Penarth, Bristol and Caerarfon to improve their skills. Ed and Myself went through a quick brief of the day at Afan Lodge and they we were quickley out on the Skills Area to develop the ‘Core Skills’ we introduced them to moving about the bike more, efficent breaking, pumping and cornering.

At lunch we went through the video's I shot whilst coaching and analysed their skills.

After lunch at Afan Lodge we headed back out to put everything into practise in the skills area we covered riding over rocky sections, berms, drops and jumps.

We looked at different ways of riding trail sections and the physiology to building up to doing the more challenging trail features. 

Tom was also on the course to write an article about Campbell Coaching for the Adventure Travel Mag and also kindly gave us some photo's to use. 


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