Open Core Skills 6/6/15

Another great day of coaching today with an open core skills course at Afan Lodge!

Everyone on the course (the two Dave's, Luke & Alex) were great to work with and we all had a fun day in the sun running throughout the core skills of solid riding. A few of the guys were already riding at a good level however they were needing to do a bit of polishing of some of their skills. 

After looking their riding positions and braking we moved on to pumping and manuals, they al picked it up really well and after a fun session on our pump track they progressed through to bunny hops and drops, looking at different ways of riding the drops was new to all of them however we soon had Dave and Alex confidently pushing down the bigger set. 

 Cornering was next and after introducing the skills to then we soon had them flowing through our series of 5 berms. 

Had a great day with the guys and hope to see them all out on the trails soon with their new found skills!

Ally & Bob 

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