MTB Maintenance Course 29.5.14 

Yasmin got in touch with us as she wanted to be able to do some of the routine maintenance on her bike for herself so we set up a day of looking at the key bits of maintenance you can do at home. First off we did a headset service and so was soon in there mixing up painted nails with grease and grime! She was a natural and was soon taking the bearings out, cleaning them up, re lubing before re-assembling it all again.

After that we covered changing brake pads, setting the brakes up and also stripping the drive train down, changing a gear cable and rear mech as well as indexing the gears properly. We also covered changing the wiper seals and oil in her forks as well as looking at setting the suspension up for different trails.

Had a really good day with her and she now has lots more confidence in her ability to look after her bike and she also understands what she can do and what she should get her local bike shop to carry out. 


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