Mike's Bespoke Jumps & Drops Course 20.6.14

Mike has been riding for a while and wanted to brush up on his Jumping and Drop off skills and understanding of different techniques for the features. So as he is from Swansea he came along to our Afan Lodge skills area for the day.

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We went through the core skills to make sure he ironed out bad habits he had picked up, ensuring smoother riding and having the confidence to push his skills to the next level. 

I continuously played back the video footage of Mike riding the sections and anaylsised his riding with him, to build up his understanding of what he needed to correct slightly and what he was doing was perfect. 

We had lunch in the Lodge and then went back out to ride the features and different ways to ride them and put everything learnt in the morning session to practise.

The main skills we covered throughout the day was pumping, manualing and Bunnyhops.

Mike came on leaps and bounds and was jumping all the Jumps and drop off's at the end of the session. 

Another great day of coaching, 


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