MIAS CPD Course for April  15-16.11.12

April has been through the mental health program and is now looking to set up her own company using bikes to help others that are still on programs. She had been coached by us early this year and then had gone on to do her MIAS level 1 with Pro Adventure. She wanted to do her MIAS Level 2 so she came back to us to do an Continual Professional Development Course (CPD) so that she would be better equipped for her Level 2 assessment. She needed to develop her personal skills such as wheelies, bunny hops and speed jumps. Other areas April wanted to develop were her maintenance and also instructing skills.  


We organised a 2 day program that would include what was needed to do the MIAS Level 2 and progress Aprils skills and confidence further.


Day 1 we went to the local area that MIAS tutors use to do the assessments and went through the syllabus making sure April understood and could do the skills needed.

The skills we went through:

Safe and correct use of brakes, Correct use of gear selection, Pedal Kick, Track stand, Front wheel lift, Small drop-offs, Short downhill descents, Short up-hill climbs, Balance, Hopping, Bunny hops, Speed jump, obstacles and Cornering.

As I coached April I also videoed her riding and then reviewed it with her.

After lunch we headed back to the Campbell Coaching skills area to put the skills into practise on the trails. 


Day 2 we went through Manualing, Bunny hops, Speed Jumps, advanced Cornering,  Drop offs and Line choices. Riding through different trail sections.


After lunch Bob went through how to break down skills and also principals of how to put a MTB session together and also looked at key trailside maintenance skills and quick fixes.

April will be a great inspiration to others and will be able to take people out who will benefit enormously by getting out in the natural environment to help them cope and recover from mental health problems. We will be supporting April as she sets up her business and wish her good luck and hope to see her on the trails soon!


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