Ladies Jumps & Drops Course 19.05.13

Today we ran a ladies only jumps and drops course, we run all our ladies only courses with an all female coaching team. 

We had ladies from London Sarah & Erika. Maidenhead Freya, Colwyn Bay Lucy and a big thanks to the Leeds girls Julie & Caroline for bring the sunny weather over. 

So we started the course of with stripping back the skills needed for doing Jumps and Drops making sure they we're doing everything right to then progresses their skills. We covered moving around the bike, pumping, manuals and bunnyhops.

We looked at different ways of going over drops and doing drops with flat landings. In no time they where going off the drops in the woods and then we went in for lunch and video analysis.  

After lunch we headed back and warmed up on the small drops before hitting the big ones with steeper landings.

We then headed to Jumps to finish the day off before heading back for a cuppa and flapjack made by Jen, whilst eating the flapjack we went through the videos.

Coaches: Ally Campbell & Jenny Collett.


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