Ladies Jumps & Drops 15.06.13

The last Ladies Jumps and Drops course went really well with Lorna, Elli and Carrie getting more air time with skill and confidence more than they have ever managed.

We had Carrie from Sandhurst, Elli from Stalybridge and Lorna from Wakefield. All eating to improve their general riding confidence and Jumps and Drops skills. We started off in the field so we could really focus in on working on the key skills and develop their body positions, energy management, speed control and looking, all vital components of smooth confident riding.

I also videod the girls riding and then showed it back to them and analysed thair riding with them before they had another go to 'tweak' things as we progressed through the session. This is why we keep the numbers on our courses really low to make sure there is plenty of time for this vital feedback and to give you the personel coaching to allow you to nudge your comfort zone a bit further each session. 

Over lunch we talked more about how women 'think' while riding and also riding with 'the blokes'. We also checked out some demo videos before heading back to the skills area to practice some more on the trails.

Great day with the girls accomplishing their goals and lots more. Next open course date is 20th July click on the logo if you want more info


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