Ladies Core Skills Course 20.10.2012

Wendy from Manchester and Jo from the Lakes came over for our Ladies Core Skills Course. We had great weather too. Both Ladies wanted to concentrate on getting over trail sections, technical climbs and just being more confident on the bike. 


I started off by showing the girls the ‘M’ Check before heading to the Skills Area where we went through the Ready Position, Cone of Movement (moving around the bike), Pumping and Manualing giving Wendy and Jo video feedback along the way. Lunchtime I went through more video analysis and showed them Demo videos in slow motion. 


After Lunch and coffee we went back to the Skills Area to go through manualing and using manuals to get up steps, next we covered cornering on flat ground. Once the girls had dialled this we headed into the woods to put everything into practise on the trails.


At the end of the day we headed back and looked at the videos whilst having tea and cake, whilst Bob kindly cleaned Wendy's and Jo's bikes! Top day with them and they both now have some solid skills to take out and practice on the trails.


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