Ladies Core Skills 7/6/15

Had a great day with the girls on the Core Skills course today. With a nice small group of four, everyone had slightly different levels from only having a bike for a short time to competing in some XC races. We looked at the key 'Core Skills' for confident riding out not the trails and it was not long before they were getting to grips with pumping and manuals. 

Skills they are not going to perfect in a day, however with a bit of practice out on the trails it will all come together really well.

We also looked at how to corner a bit more confidently and how keeping control of the front of the bike more makes it feel more confident.

We spent plenty of time looking at 'drop offs' too and they all explored different ways of riding what were intimidating trail 'features' with more confidence and a range of skills.

We used lots of video feedback too so they could actually see whet they were doing in real time as well as slow-motion too. 

Had a fantastic day with them all and we hope to see them out on the trails soon practicing their new skills! 

Ally, Finley & Bob

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