Ladies 'Core' Skills 15/11/14

Had a fantastic day with Emma, Jaime and Jenna who had all booked on a Ladies Core Skills course with us. We started off with a quick chat in Afan Lodge to all get to know each other and set out the plan for the day. The girls were keen to get on and develop their sills and confidence so after a quick 'M' check of the bikes we were out riding! Checking the girls riding positions and also fine tuning their breaking skills were first up. Making sure they were counteracting the dive on the bike, look up and actually using the front brake were some of the key bits we looked at as well as spotting braking points out on the trail.

Introducing 'pumping' and letting it develop in to manuals was great fun the they all picked it up really well. Using the i pad here is fantastic as it really lets us give quality feedback and also confirm to the riders that they are getting it right and helping them tweak the finer points too.

We then start to build their confidence cornering, keeping the weight focused on the inside edge of the tyres, looking through the corners and line choice were key here. Again the girl's all picked it up really well and soon they were 'flowing' through then really well.

Lunch was next up in Afan Lodge, the fire was lit and there was a great biker atmosphere in there as we tucked in to the fantastic grub. Pretty soon we were back out and starting to look at different ways of riding drops. They all started to look more and more confident with the new skills they were picking up and it all came together really well. 

Had a fantastic day with the girls and looking forward to seeing them out on the trails soon with their new found confidence and skills!

Ally & Bob

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