Ladies Advanced Skills Course 27.4.13

Whats envolved in all our Skills Courses?…. A fun mix of challenge, achievement and development.

So thats what Pam and Tanya got on our Ladies Advanced Skills course, both are good riders and wanted to improve there riding and confidence even more.


After a quick M Check we went to the skills area and got to work on there riding. 

Pumping, Manuals, Pedal Kick, Northshore, riding drops and cornering, Riding switch foot on trail sections & features and line choice.

We went back for lunch and analysed there riding. After lunch we headed back into the woods where we went through Better 'flow' Pumping trail features, Using minimal braking, Technical climbing and descending, Steep berms and off camber cornering and rocky sections. We finished it all off with a run down track 3 on the famous Onegiant Leap DH trails. 


Great day was had with lots of giggles, At the end of the day we went through the videos and I gave feed back on there riding.

Thanks to Jen who was Shadowing, and Martin for the Uplift! 


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